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Burton Financial Solutions Inc.

Your financial strategy should be as unique as you are. Whether you’re just starting out, about to enter retirement, or somewhere in between, a strong financial roadmap can help you reach your short and long-term goals. Let’s work together to protect what matters most to you and help you secure your future. Reach out to get started. Let’s get you there.

Job Title: We're there for you through all of life's changes.

Phone: (705) 674-2114 x2220

Email: cummy.burton@sunlife.com

Address: 888 Regent Street, Suite 301, Sudbury, ON, P3E 6C6 Canada

Cummy Burton

My name is Cummy Burton. I am a devoted family man and Sun Life Advisor specializing in life, health, and retirement planning solutions. My mission is to offer Clients financial security and simplicity.

I began my career in 2000, motivated to improve lives. As a top advisor in northern Ontario, I help young families protect their present while planning for the future. I also work with businesses to design group benefits and retirement plans reflecting their commitment to employees and community.

My approach emphasizes strong Client relationships built on calmness and trust. Outside work, I find joy with my family through activities like golf and hockey. I also give back through coaching and donations to causes like World Vision and NEO Kids.

Looking ahead, I remain dedicated to advising Clients and contributing to my community's growth. Through each meeting, I create positive change by pledging donations to important causes. A blend of calm and humor defines me as a dependable advisor and constant in Clients' lives. My journey is one of resilience and compassion.

Job Title: Advisor, Sun Life, CHS™

Phone: 705-674-2114 E xt 2220

Email: cummy.burton@sunlife.com

Fax: 705-674-7243

Address: Northern Ontario

Joanne Harris

Job Title: Advisor Assistant, Sun Life

Email: Joanne.m.harris@sunlife.com

Brittinei Mapletoft

Job Title: Advisor Assistant, Sun Life

Email: brittinei.mapletoft@sunlife.com

Kathy Bannon

Group Benefits and Retirement

Job Title: Advisor Assistant, Sun Life

Email: Kathy.bannon@sunlife.com

Pauline Rementilla

Job Title: Advisor Assistant, Sun Life

Email: pauline.rementilla@sunlife.com

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