About us

Sun Life’s roots run deep in Canada, where our company began more than 150 years ago. Today we are an industry leader touching the lives of millions of individuals and thousands of companies across the country – and many more millions of Clients around the world.

Anne-Christine Gagné

Job Title: District Manager

Phone: (450) 348-9239 poste 2237

Email: Anne-Christine.Gagne@sunlife.com

Fax: (450) 348-9886

Jimmy Trépanier

Job Title: Business Development Consultant

Phone: (819) 719-0294

Email: j.trepanier@sunlife.com

Jonathan Séguin

Job Title: Business Development Partner, B.A.A.

Phone: (819) 569-6328 x2272

Email: jonathan.seguin@sunlife.com

Laurent Poultier

Job Title: Resources Team Leader (acting)

Phone: (450) 348 9239 ext. 2252

Email: laurent.poultier@sunlife.com

Eric Brochu

Job Title: Advisor Recruitment Consultant

Email: eric.brochu@sunlife.com

Marie-Josée Bourque

Job Title: Financial center administrator

Phone: (819) 569-6328 ext. 2203

Email: marie-josee.bourque@sunlife.com

Kim Hémond

Job Title: Management Assistant, financial center

Phone: (450) 348-9239 ext. 2236

Email: Laurent.Poultier@sunlife.com

Interested in being an advisor?

People from various educational and professional backgrounds have found success in the advisor role. Whether it’s a career change to financial services or just a change in role there’s a bright new future under the sun waiting for you.