About us

Sun Life’s roots run deep in Canada, where our company began more than 150 years ago. Today we are an industry leader touching the lives of millions of individuals and thousands of companies across the country – and many more millions of Clients around the world.

Richard Prior

Job Title: District Manager, CFP®, CHS™, CLU

Phone: 905-528-8691 ext. 2204

Email: rick.prior@sunlife.com

Shawna Clarkson

Job Title: Business Development Partner, CLU®

Phone: (905) 528-8691 ext. 2215

Email: Shawna.Clarkson@sunlife.com

Adam C. Lachance

Job Title: Business Development Partner, CFP®, CLU®

Phone: 905 528 8691 x. 2257

Email: adam.lachance@sunlife.com

Rachel Salomaa

Job Title: Business Development Partner

Phone: 289-527-9972

Email: rachel.salomaa@sunlife.com

Macneal Lashley

Job Title: Advisor Recruitment Consultant

Phone: (365) 833-6765

Email: macneal.lashley@sunlife.com

Mark Foster

Job Title: Business Development Consultant, B.A., BBA, CFP®, CLU

Phone: 905-684-1141 ext. 2287

Email: mark.foster@sunlife.com

Interested in being an advisor?

People from various educational and professional backgrounds have found success in the advisor role. Whether it’s a career change to financial services or just a change in role there’s a bright new future under the sun waiting for you.