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Grant Best

As a financial advisor originating/servicing Ottawa and all of Ontario for over 25 years, all of which been proudly positioned with Sun Life, originating from Clarica. I take great pride in my role with passion & heart. My clients and families are just as important to me as my own, consistently striving to the fullest efforts to reach their respective financial goals and independence. Challenges will arise with unforeseen hurdles that may inevitably cause change in those goals. I’m here to help get through those obstacles together, adapt to pathway revisions, and ensure your financial security remain the priority.  

I also appreciate that in many instances, our business will be seen as our family, requiring growth, preservation, and succession strategies alike. Not only are we addressing the needs of the business itself, but also the needs of the team who got us there through proper Health & Dental Benefits plans, alongside planning of their own retirements with Group Savings Programs. Financial planning wears many hats, and I’m here to help guide us through the options to render solid choices that suit your specific needs.

I hold a B.Admin from the University of Ottawa with a focus on International Business and Finance, as well as diploma from Sir Sandford Fleming College, also in Intl Business. I enjoy a very robust client book in both personal, and business settings, also providing presentations on various topics several times throughout the year.

Outside the office, I take utmost pride in my two active teenage daughters in the sports community, both playing competitive high level hockey, along with soccer, and lacrosse, which makes for an eventful household indeed. As well, am now retired from my role as a Senior and Chief Instructor with the OSC (Ottawa Safety Council), serving 16 years+ as a volunteer in instructing new, and experienced motorcycle riders.

Job Title: Advisor, Sun Life, B.Admin

Languages spoken: English

Phone: (613) 838-8399

Email: grant.best@sunlife.com

Address: Richmond, ON

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