Marty Forsythe

Job title: Advisor, Sun Life, P.F.A.™

Area(s) served: New Brunswick & Ontario

Trustworthy advice you can count on

Your financial strategy should be as unique as you are. Whether you’re just starting out, about to enter retirement, or somewhere in between, a strong financial roadmap can help you reach your short and long-term goals. Let’s work together to protect what matters most to you and help you secure your future. Reach out to get started. Let’s get you there.
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Let's work together

Making good decisions is the key to achieving lifetime financial security and I’ll help you along the way. We’ll work together by:

  • assessing your current financial situation,
  • setting achievable goals,
  • developing a realistic approach to meet those goals,
  • helping you work toward your goals and
  • helping you revise that approach as your needs change.

Contact my office to book an appointment and get started on achieving your financial goals. Let's talk.

Client testimonials

What did Critical Illness Insurance do for me and my family?

“It gave me a sense of security and sigh of relief in times of complete despair. When the Emergency room doctor told me there was abnormal cells in my 3 year old's bloodwork I instantly fell apart. He was asleep in a hospital bed at 3am after another inexplicable fever, and I was sitting in a dark room alone when I learned he has Leukemia. Ten hours later we were admitted into Children's Hospital. The next night I was laying wide awake on my cot in the hospital room when I remembered I had a critical illness policy for both of my kids. Finances had never crossed my mind, I wasn't worried about money, but in that moment I was able to take a deep breath. That's when I thought about money, but it wasn't negative or scary thoughts, it was instant relief because I knew I wouldn't have to worry about it throughout my son's lengthy journey with Cancer.


The insurance means I can focus on my little guy and helping him heal. I don't need to worry about how I will afford parking, food, meds, childcare, and anything that will make his recovery more comfortable. I have so much more energy, time, and positivity to support him as a result of the Critical Illness Insurance. Thank you to my Sun Life advisor, Marty Forsythe for selling me on the importance of having this protection.”

- Karen 

Products and services

Browse through the product and services offerings below to learn more. Every financial and protection strategy is different. When we meet, we’ll discuss what might be right for your unique situation. Reach out if you have any questions or are ready to get started.

Health insurance products

Health insurance gives you financial coverage to help pay for health-care needs. This insurance goes above and beyond Canadian health-care coverage.

Life insurance products

Life insurance allows you to protect the people you love by providing your beneficiaries a tax-free cash payment when you die.

Saving and budgeting

Reaching your financial goals starts with a budget and savings plan. Let’s make your money go further.

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Retirement savings calculator

Retirement savings calculator

Sun Life can help you build and protect your savings with investment products, life insurance, health insurance, and financial advice.

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