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Mckasey Cadore

Whether you’re starting your business, developing your practice or considering stepping aside, We offer vision, know-how, plus industry-leading wealth and insurance solutions to business owners who need advice to manage complex financial situations.

Job Title: Advisor, Sun Life

Languages spoken: English

Phone: (905) 428-9996 x2235

Email: mckasey.cadore@sunlife.com

Address: 65 Bayly W Street Suite 201, , Ajax, ON, L1S 7K7 Canada

Mckasey Cadore

As an Advisor, I am passionate about helping people improve their financial situations. Growing up, I watched my parents work hard to pay bills and provide for both myself and my brother.

I have seen my mother suffer from kidney failure for over 14 years, but I was not educated on her financial situation. She struggled to take care of us while receiving CPP and disability insurance. She lost a home because supplemental income was not enough and there was no other plan. Factors such as stress and mental health take a toll on the human body. She unfortunately passed away in February of 2019. Today we honor my mother by participating in an Annual Kidney Walk that she participated in yearly.

Because of this experience and my background in accounting, I decided to learn more about finances so I can help empower others to take control of their financial future. I believe that a financial roadmap, which includes building and protecting, is what matters the most.

When I’m not working for Sunlife, I coach basketball, host community events, and mentor the young adults who are up next.

My parents are from Trinidad and Grenada, and I am a representation where my parents are from. As a child, my brother and I travelled to Trinidad yearly for Christmas and summer breaks. The culture is within us. Grenada is next on our radar. 

Job Title: Advisor, Sun Life

Phone: (416) 669-0748

Email: mckasey.cadore@sunlife.com

Address: Brampton, Ontario

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