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Sun Life’s roots run deep in Canada, where our company began more than 150 years ago. Today we are an industry leader touching the lives of millions of individuals and thousands of companies across the country – and many more millions of Clients around the world.

Nubia Gomez

I am District Manager who has a long history and extensive experience working in the financial services industry. I am proud to lead a team that exists for the main purpose of having a positive impact on people’s lives. At the North Toronto District, we build long-term relationships with our clients, advisors, associates, and communities.

After many years of working in the IT industry with multinational Companies in my original Country of Colombia, I decided to immigrate to Canada in 2003. I had the great fortune of joining this amazing Company. Sun Life allowed me to develop my knowledge and skills as an advisor whose main goal was helping Canadians to achieve financial Security. In 2006 Sun Life gave me the opportunity to become a manager. I continued my career development in management moving up several levels until I achieved my current position as a District Manager leading the North Toronto District. The North Toronto District has become one of the most important and successful Districts at Sun Life.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, a Master of Business Administration (MBA), the Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®) and the Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS™) designations

Job Title: District Manager

Phone: (905) 415-1426 ext.2255

Email: nubia.gomez@sunlife.com

Mathilda Jin

I am a Business Development Partner at Sun Life North Toronto District. My expertise lies in helping individuals to establish their business as a new and developing advisors and to grow with Sun Life. My commitment to excellence has earned me and my team recognitions along the way. Leading a cohort of new and developing advisors, I’m dedicated to make positive impact on both advisors’ and clients’ life. With a focus on financial roadmap, we’ve been a trusted team where I pride myself on building lasting relationships with our advisors and clients, understanding their needs, and providing tailored solutions. Before joining Sun Life, I have acquired a bachelor degree in Arts and a master degree in Finance both at McGill University. After two years working as advisor, I stepped on to the management role since 2023 and currently working towards CFP designation.

Job Title: Business Development Partner

Phone: (905) 415-1426 ext.2278

Email: mathilda.jin@sunlife.com

Sunny Cao

I am a Business Development Consultant who is highly motivated with 9 years experience working in financial industry in different leading companies.


After completing the Bachelor degree in China, I ventured to Canada to pursue my Master degree in Saint Mary’s University at Halifax, NS. After the graduation in Fall 2015, I began my career at CIBC and then had the privilege of joining Sun Life in February 2018. I helped people achieving lifetime financial security together with a healthier life. During the period as advisor, I achieved multiple milestones and awards. In December 2019, I was appointed as Business Development Parter. After 3 years of dedication and success as a BDP, I moved up to be a Business Development Consultant in December 2022, start supporting the experienced advisors at North Toronto District.


I have a Bachelor Degree in Economics, and a Master Degree in Finance. Currently pursuing CFA and CFP designations.

Job Title: Business Development Consultant

Phone: 905-415-4126 ext.2100

Email: sunny.cao@sunlife.com

Ricardo Cespedes

I am a Business Development Partner at Sun Life North Toronto District. I studied Marketing and Sales in my country and immigrated to Canada in 2001. In April 2004, I joined Sun Life as Advisor and became a Sales Manager in 2008. As hobbies, in addition to the water sports, like Dragon Boat, Kayak, diving, I enjoy walking and cycling as well.

Job Title: Business Development Partner

Phone: 905-415-1426 ext.2188

Email: ricardo.cespedes@sunlife.com

Macneal Lashley

Job Title: Advisor Recruitment Consultant

Phone: (365) 833-6765

Email: macneal.lashley@sunlife.com

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