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Scott Benton

Meet Scott, a seasoned Advisor with a wealth of expertise of many years in both the insurance and investment realms. Scott is dedicated to guiding families along their unique financial journeys.

His approach is rooted in the belief that true prosperity lies in a holistic financial strategy, one that seamlessly integrates protection and investments. Drawing upon his years of expertise, Scott empowers Clients to envision and achieve their financial goals with clarity and confidence.

Scott is committed to ensuring that each Client is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions. He continues to be a beacon of guidance and support for families seeking to secure their futures.

Job title: Advisor, Sun Life

Phone: 613-528-4609

Email: scott.benton@sunlife.com

Address: 4868 County RD 20, Martintown Ontario

Natalie Robillard

Introducing Natalie, a beacon of financial wisdom with many years in the financial sector. 

As a newly appointed Associate Advisor, who has worked alongside Scott Benton the last 6 years, she is ready to illuminate the path for young families. 

With her compassionate guidance, she serves as a trusted ally to young families embarking on the journey of financial stability. Natalie's approach is holistic, with a genuine passion for empowering Clients to navigate life's twists and turns with confidence.

She crafts her financial strategies tailored to each family's unique needs, emphasizing the pillars of protection, savings, debt management and budgeting.

Natalie's commitment is to simplify the complexities of finance, ensuring Clients feel empowered and informed every step of the way. With Natalie by their side, families not only find peace of mind but also unlock the potential for a brighter, more secure future.

Job title: Associate Advisor, Sun Life

Phone: 613-528-4609

Email: natalie.robillard@sunlife.com

Address: 4868 County RD 20, Martintown Ontario

Kathleen Quenneville

Meet Kathleen, a compassionate associate with a strong background and an unwavering dedication in the financial sector for many years. She passionately helps guides families towards financial literacy and helps crafts investment strategies to support their financial well-being.

Kathleen prides herself on her attention to detail, ensuring every aspect of the backend of the process to run smoothly.

She works along side, Scott Benton to ensure that every family achieves peace of mind ; from distant goals into achievable reality for every family they serves.

Job title: Service Associate, Sun Life

Phone: (613) 528-4609

Email: kathleen.quenneville@sunlife.com

Address: 4868 County RD 20, Martintown, Ontario

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