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David Lester

With over 30 years of business experience, including over 20 years at Sun Life, I have the experience to help Clients reach their goals. I’m proud to hold the Financial Management Advisor designation. I have learned from thousands of conversations with hard working people. My focus is in tax-efficient retirement income planning and health insurance. I work with Clients who are transitioning into or enjoying the journey through retirement.

When I am not at work I enjoy travelling with my wife and experiencing the culture wherever we go. My biggest passion of all though, is being a grandpa and spending time with my family!

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Job Title: Advisor, Sun Life, FMA

Phone: (250) 426-6200

Email: david.lester@sunlife.com

Address: Cranbrook, BC

Rachelle Langlois

As an advisor since 2014 I am passionate about inspiring Clients to achieve financial security. I love having conversations around financial planning strategies that will help Clients realize their goals. I thoroughly enjoy working with individuals, families and business owners who have laid a solid financial foundation. If you’re looking for in-depth advice on maximizing wealth today and for the future, I can help.

I’m an avid reader, love self development. I’m proud hold both the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and Certified Health Insurance Specialist™ designations.

Job Title: Financial Planner, Sun Life, CFP®, CHS™

Phone: (778) 481-5258

Email: rachelle.langlois@sunlife.com

Address: Kimberley, BC

Amanda Fanning

As an Associate Advisor, I’m passionate about helping young families find the right coverage and saving for their future. I have over eight years of insurance industry experience. I am dedicated and eager to continue my growth and development in my career as an advisor.

As a wife and mother, when I am not working, I am likely spending my time with my husband and children. As a family we enjoy the outdoors and love to go camping! Some of my passions are cooking and gardening. I also enjoy sponsoring and volunteering with extracurricular activities. Supporting community is important to me.

Job Title: Associate Advisor, Sun Life

Phone: (250) 426-6200

Email: Amanda.Fanning@sunlife.com

Address: Cranbrook, BC

Brontë Dickson

I am the Client Service and Advisor Assistant primarily in our Kimberley location. I bring over 10 years of experience in administration and office management. Client engagement, office procedures and business growth are my true passions. I get a deep satisfaction from always being busy and completing any project or task thrown my way. I am very happy to be in a role where both my experience and love for learning is appreciated.

In my spare time I love to read, embroider, and explore the Kootenay region with my husband.

Job Title: Advisor Assistant, Sun Life | Operations Manager for Silver Path Financial Solutions

Email: bronte.dickson@sunlife.com

Address: Kimberley, BC

Mubiana Wamuwi

In July of 2022 I joined the Silver Path Financial Solutions team! I started working in the financial industry over 12 years ago. With this experience, I have a strong background in customer service and in portfolio management. I also have experience working in the health sector and worked as a behavioural Interventionist. In that role, I supported children by offering them one on one behavioural therapy

Since joining the team, I have expanded my knowledge in the financial world and now works as an Advisor Assistant. I offer my experience, expertise and quality service to all valued Clients. I speak six languages and my current role at Silver Path Financial Solutions focuses on investments and wealth products.

During my spare time, I spend time with my family. I love cooking, taking pictures, watching movies and becoming apart of the culture wherever I travel to.

Job Title: Advisor Assistant, Sun Life

Phone: (250) 426-6200

Email: mubiana.wamuwi@sunlife.com

Address: Cranbrook, BC

Kristine Parsons

I have been a part of the Silver Path Financial Solutions team since 2022. I am an Advisor Assistant for insurance processing, while working towards my life insurance license.

For almost 20 years, I have worked in roles that focus on customer care. I value relationship and desire to support people in their pursuits of health and wellbeing. Insurance work is a unique addition to my years of service in the health industry and I am happy to support the Advisors in securing you with coverage for your most valuable assets. I also used to run a local restaurant and have probably seen some of you there!

Ensuring my family is well taken care of is my first and foremost priority. Besides that, I love pursuing purpose in everything I do and taking advantage of the luxurious outdoor lifestyle the Kootenays afford.

Job Title: Advisor Assistant, Sun Life

Phone: (250) 426-6200

Email: kristine.parsons@sunlife.com

Address: Cranbrook, BC

Keyana Walker

I’m the Client Service and Advisor Assistant primarily in our Cranbrook location. My role is to keep things running smooth and always lending a helping hand. I’m the person who answers your calls and helps make your experience with us enjoyable and seamless. I joined Silver Path Financial Solutions Inc. in 2018 and have truly enjoyed working with my team.

When I’m not working, I’m usually outside adventuring in the mountains, reading or being creative with one of my many artistic passions.

Job Title: Advisor Assistant, Sun Life

Email: keyana.walker@sunlife.com

Address: Cranbrook, BC

Ashley Lester

I joined the Silver Path Financial Solutions Inc. team at the beginning of 2021 as the Client Engagement and Marketing Coordinator. My goal is to ensure we satisfy Clients. While working remotely, I maintain our online presence and update Client information.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our five children, being outdoors and volunteering.

Job Title: Advisor Assistant, Sun Life | Marketing Assistant for Silver Path Financial Solutions

Email: ashley.lester@sunlife.com

Address: Invermere, BC

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