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Trevor Schentag

Welcome to Schentag Capital Financial Solutions Inc. Conveniently nested in the vibrant community of Westboro, our welcoming office serves as a hub for crafting personalized financial strategies.  Whether you prefer face-to-face consultations in our office, the convenience of virtual meetings, or the ease of a phone call, we adapt to your preferences. Our dedicated team of five professionals, led by Trevor Schentag who is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, is committed to treating your capital with the same care and commitment as if it were our own. Together, we embark on a journey to secure your financial future, tailoring comprehensive plans as unique as you are. We are a specialized firm that works with:

Business owners and incorporated professionals

For business owners and incorporated professionals seeking a comprehensive financial partner, Schentag Capital offers a suite of services tailored to enhance both personal and business financial well-being. Our expertise includes tax-efficient investment strategies to help optimize your financial position. We have insurance strategies tailored for business owners, including protecting key employees, group benefits and pension plans. As a one-stop-shop, our dedicated network of accountants, lawyers and bookkeepers collaborates seamlessly with our financial planning team. This integrated approach allows us to streamline your business planning needs, providing a holistic strategy that aligns with your goals and maximizes your business’ financial potential.

Individuals with a minimum investment of $500,000

For individuals and families, Schentag Capital delivers tailored financial services to amplify wealth and secure a prosperous future. Our focus on tax-efficient investment strategies helps your capital grows optimally, considering both short-term goals and long-term legacies. We have a full suite of insurance products to protect you and your family’s financial wellbeing. We are here to help protect the wealth that you have built, and offer you the personalized service and attention that you deserve.  

Our process

Embark on a financial journey with us, starting with a comprehensive plan crafted uniquely for you. We delve into your current situation, stressors, and goals through an in-depth data gathering process. This meticulous understanding forms the foundation of a plan designed to provide comfort about your financial future.

  • Step One: Data gathering Gain clarity on your financial landscape, stress points, and aspirations.
  • Step Two: Presentation of projections and recommendations We communicate your current projections and recommendations in plain language, ensuring clarity and enabling you to implement the plan effectively.
  • Step Three: Decide if we are a fit to work together At this point you can decide if we are the right firm to meet your complex financial needs, and we can decide if our expertise are ideal for your situation.
  • Step Four: Implementation and adjustment Make necessary tweaks to the plan, open accounts, and ensure alignment with your evolving needs.
  • Step Five: Biannual updates Engage in regular meetings to update your plan and review investment performance, maintaining a dynamic approach to your financial well-being.

Job Title: Financial Planner, Sun Life, CFP®, RRC®

Languages spoken: English

Phone: (613) 693-1619

Email: trevor.schentag@sunlife.com

Address: 376 Churchill Ave North - Suite 106,, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 5C3 Canada

Trevor Schentag

Since 2014, I have worked with Sun Life to provide financial planning to Clients. My approach is to look at your full financial picture, analyze your situation and develop detailed recommendations to improve it. A key for me is making the financial plan and recommendations easy to understand and implement. It makes me happy to see how relieved Clients feel once they are confident in their financial future.


I’m proud to hold the following designations:


  • Registered Retirement Consultant®.


I enjoy spending time with my wife and our two children. Together, we love outdoor adventures of all kinds!

Job Title: Financial Planner, Sun Life, CFP®, RRC®

Languages spoken: English

Phone: (613) 693-1619 x402

Email: trevor.schentag@sunlife.com

James Harris

Job Title: Associate Advisor, Sun Life, CHS™

Languages spoken: English

Phone: (613) 693-1619 x 404

Email: james.harris@sunlife.com

Kevin Fox

Job Title: Associate Advisor, Sun Life, CHS™

Languages spoken: English

Phone: (613) 693-1619 x403

Email: kevin.fox@sunlife.com

Gayle Schultz

Job Title: Advisor Assistant, Sun Life | Marketing Manager for Trevor Schentag

Languages spoken: English

Phone: (613) 693-1619 x406

Email: gayle.schultz@sunlife.com

Victoria Beattie

Job Title: Advisor Assistant, Sun Life

Phone: (613) 693-1619 x405

Email: victoria.beattie@sunlife.com

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