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Gurinder Pal Singh

Your financial strategy should be as unique as you are. Whether you’re just starting out, about to enter retirement, or somewhere in between, a strong financial roadmap can help you reach your short and long-term goals. Let’s work together to protect what matters most to you and help you secure your future. Reach out to get started. Let’s get you there.

Job Title: Advisor, Sun Life

Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Phone: (343) 987-1811

Email: gurinder.pal.singh@sunlife.com

Address: 333 Preston Street, Suite 800, Ottawa, ON, K1S 5N4 Canada

Gurinder Pal Singh

I feel honored to be your partner on the journey towards financial prosperity and wellbeing. With nearly two decades of experience in the financial services, I have traversed diverse landscapes, from distress debt investment and turnaround to insolvency and bankruptcy. This journey led me to profound understanding of financial challenges and transformative power of strategic planning.

I focus on holistic financial solutions for families and entrepreneurs. I am particularly drawn to serving individuals with disabilities and families raising special needs children. I believe that financial empowerment should embrace everyone's unique circumstances.

My background as a Vice President in a leading Financial Institution in India, combined with my collection of more than 500 books spanning a multitude of subjects, enables me to approach financial advisory with a rich tapestry of knowledge.

I am also a poet and philosophy enthusiast. I understand that everyone’s financial advice should harmonize with your life's aspirations.

Join me in crafting a financial roadmap that assists you to navigate life's financial complexities with confidence. Let's embark on a journey where expertise meets compassion. Together, we will work towards a future that aligns with your dreams.

Job Title: Advisor, Sun Life

Email: gurinder.pal.singh@sunlife.com

Address: Ottawa, ON

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