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Know your way forward

Whether you’re starting your business, developing your practice or considering stepping aside, We offer vision, know-how, plus industry-leading wealth and insurance solutions to business owners who need advice to manage complex financial situations.
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Strategies tailored to your family's needs

Our team help you, your family, and your business plan for today and tomorrow

  • prepare and live well in retirement
  • preserve your assets and
  • build your wealth

In the world of conflict and complexity, we are committed to provide transparency, alignment and recommendations that come with plain English explanations.

How we work

Building your customized plan

We have a holistic approach to planning - helping Clients build/maintain wealth while ensuring their lifestyle is protected from unforeseen life events.

Staying on track

To ensure you stay on track, we'll recommend adjustments to your plan as your needs change over time.

Goals-based planning

Financial plans aren't one-size-fits-all. We customize each plan. This is based on your financial situation, unique circumstances, risk profile, and investment time horizon.

Behaviour management and modification

By getting to know you, we can help illuminate certain behaviours or blindspots that might undermine your financial success.

Investment selection and risk management

We're proud to help Clients achieve peace of mind as they see their financial goals take shape.

Wealth management

We believe simple beats complex.

We believe the timing of buy and sell decisions matters less than your holding period.

We believe being bullish and bearish matters less than progress towards your goals.

We believe it's OK to build wealth slowly.

Products and services

Browse through the product and services offerings below to learn more. Every financial and protection strategy is different. When we meet, we’ll discuss what might be right for your unique situation. Reach out if you have any questions or are ready to get started.

Health insurance products

Health insurance gives you financial coverage to help pay for health-care needs. This insurance goes above and beyond Canadian health-care coverage.

Life insurance products

Life insurance allows you to protect the people you love by providing your beneficiaries a tax-free cash payment when you die.

Saving and budgeting

Reaching your financial goals starts with a budget and savings plan. Let’s make your money go further.

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Client testimonials

“Leaving your office, I felt exhilarated and am very excited about our family's financial future. You truly have opened my eyes and I have already begun to look at financials in an entirely different way.”

- S.F., IT Manager

“John and I really enjoyed learning more about your investment strategies and feel newly optimistic about our financial future. We are converts to the Rule of 72, and can’t wait for our doubling time to arrive! We also really value your ongoing financial advice on planning, retirement and business.”

- WM, Business owner

“ We thoroughly enjoy your candor, patience and sound advice and look forward to working with you to help us achieve our financial goals. You’ve sparked an excitement within us around the financial opportunities ahead of us and we truly can’t wait to put your advice into action”

- DF – Married professional

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